Website Redesign

Gathering Data

This Is What The Data Showed

Data showed that over half the users being attracted by their google marketing came from mobile-device users

There was over a 65% bounce rate

Returning visitors were less than 5% of users

Out of 195 users, 35 moved toward the listings page and about 30% of those users moved towards other pages and the brochures page.

The ratio between desktop and mobile were around 60 to 50.


Google marketing campaigns were attracting more buyers rather than sellers

The website may have been loading too slow, the interest of the user was not met, the user may have had a hard time navigating through the website, among many other possiblities.

The website needed a much better user experience in order for there to be a smaller bounce rate and therefore more fluid traffic as well as more returning visitors.


Better marketing campaigns that met business goals.

Strong and contextual pages/navigation.

Captivating front page.

Meeting customer needs such as with a free valuation request form.

Planning the website wireframe

Mock-ups before coding